About Hooray



Our philosophy is to equalize EQ and IQ.

Hooray Bilingual Kindergarten was founded in 2016 by a dedicated team of seasoned professionals in preschool education.

Hooray has always pursued the educational philosophy: Educate Heart & Mind, particularly practical skills and social emotional quotient (EQ) lessons, which are taught in parallel with IQ classes on a daily basis.

Our vision is to educate and nurse children with a quality program to develop a new generation of confident global citizens, while maintaining their Vietnamese cultural identity from an early age.

Quality education is our advantage

Why choose us?

  • Dual English Program

    At Hooray, the English learning program is taught in two parallel courses: Academic English and Conversational English (Cambridge).

  • Social Emotional Education

    We are proud to be the first bilingual kindergarten to include Emotional and Social Skills (EQ) as a core subject, based on a qualified and structured curriculum..

  • Amazing Playground

    Along with the quality of education, Hooray has a well-designed and diverse playing and learning space for truthfully applying the "play-based learning" method.

Our core values

  1. International curriculum

    Our programs are developed from the US kindergarten curriculum for the holistic development of every child.

  2. English environment

    English immersion in cognitive lessons combined with English conversational hours are conducted daily.

  3. Various school activities

    Our weekly plans are centered on constructing engaging lessons through a variety of activities.

  4. Practical skill education

    We have lessons that help children develop the appropriate life skills for their ages.



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Students are our top priority

Our teachers pursue our educational guidelines

At Hooray, we all agree that that all the nursery and education activities should be focused on the kids. We have our guidelines, which are also our rules in education:
● Love without discrimination
● Listen without judgment
● Respect and no imposement

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