Curriculum Program

Hooray’s education program covers 12 different topics in order to promote the holistic development of children. We have three major sections of the curriculum to help children to achieve their IQ and EQ, as well as weekly physical training.

1.Hooray Let's Think (IQ)

2.1 HAPPY LEARNING - Science, Art and Language


Little Scientist

Help students to build up their math, science & observational thinking.

Little Chef

Practice skills in the kitchen, nutrition knowledge & eating habits.

Little Artist

Develop and discover children creative abilities through colors


Literacy Fun

Developing a cognitive mind and learning new things through languages

Book Explorer

Activities with books that include reading, understanding, and re-telling stories

Speech & Drama Fun

Activities for children to learn about musical, dramatic, or play performances and speeches

2.2 HAPPY SPEAKING - E.S.L (English as a Second Language)

Native teachers lead interactive English lessons at Hooray. Children will learn to communicate through age-appropriate English conversations.
This E.S.L class will play a supporting role in assisting the child in interacting confidently during the immersive English hours in the IQ section.


Corner play time at Hooray is a curriculum English-language activity designed to reinforce the knowledge gained in IQ – Happy Learning.
This class is held on a regular basis at Hooray’s playground, and it also aids in the effective application of the Play-based learning method.

Corner Play Learning contributes to the development of children’s individual tendencies for various subject groups, allowing children to maximize their potential in their favorite fields.

2.Hooray Let's Feel (EQ)

The emotional quotient is essential for child education.

With many years of experience in child-centered education, we are proud to be the first bilingual kindergarten to make EQ the primary subject in the curriculum.

In the EQ section, we conduct two sub-programs, which are Happy Hearts and Happy Hands.

Happy Hearts - Social Emotional Learning

Our EQ lessons are built to develop in young students self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for their growth. Happy Heart is taught with the goal of helping children perceive and control their emotions in steps from basic to advanced, from which they learn how to handle social communication problems in a positive and appropriate way.
The program is based on ‘Second-step’ curriculum that has been successfully applied in more than 70 countries.

Happy Hands - Practical skill learning

Happy Hands is a practical life skills learning session where our children learn how to do living activities in a purposeful way. We aim to equip the kids with basic skills to achieve independence in their day-to-day lives.

3. HOORAY LET'S MOVE - Physical Education

The physical education program at Hooray is always vibrant and fun, with the goal of instilling in children a habit of exercise and encouraging a love of sports for a healthy and energetic body.

Hooray offers a variety of enjoyable motion classes:

Water Play
Music Fun