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Frequently asked questions

Which ages of the children are admitted?

We admit children as young as 12 months. In a few special cases, we can accept children under 12 months if they are qualified for an early school life.

How about children's daily meals?

We have 12 menus rotated for our students in accordance with nutrition requirements for children's development. Our raw materials for cooking the students' meals are supplied by qualified and reliable suppliers.

Do you have a shuttle bus for students transportation?

Our shuttle buses are temporarily stopped. We will announce the updates for shuttle bus route if the registered students are sufficient.

How many students per class?

The number of students in a class depends on its grade and room. In general, our classes have 15–22 students each.

What is your school time?

Our daily schedule starts at 7:30AM and ends at 4:30PM. Arrival time: 7:00AM to 7:30AM Pick up time: 4:30PM to 5:00PM

Do you have any discount for 2nd child enrollment?

Yes. We apply a discount rate of 3% on tuition for your second child enrolled and 5% for the third one.