Emotional & Skills Education – EQ at Hooray

How do we get our children to behave properly? What to do when the child is angry? How to teach children to be independent and protect themselves?… All the issues that parents are concerned about are included in the Emotional Education & Life Skills (EQ) program at Hooray.

With many years of experience in child-centered education, Hooray is proud to be the first preschool in Ho Chi Minh City to introduce a specialized EQ lesson system into the curriculum with 3 basic subjects:

1. Happy Hearts - Develop emotional intelligence

With a system of lessons from basic to advanced and conveyed through funny images and close situations, Happy Hearts teaches children how to self-aware and manage their emotions. Thereby, the baby will easily regain a state of balance, know how to self-regulate their own emotions to provide an effective way to handle communication problems.

2. Happy Hands - Practice life skills

Coming to Happy Hands, children will start learning essential skills such as queuing skills, safety skills when using sharp objects and electrical appliances, brushing teeth – washing faces… Practicing and practicing these important skills is the first step to help your child build a spirit of independence.

Currently, Happy Hands is taught with the main content groups:

School skills

3. Happy Vietnamese - Nurturing the love of Vietnamese culture

Patriotism and understanding of Vietnamese culture have always been one of the important foundations that Happy Vietnamese subjects aim to.

In this lesson, the children will get acquainted with the teacher with the Vietnamese language, learn songs, folk songs, etc., typical of Vietnamese culture. Thereby, children will be nurtured about their roots and love for their homeland and country, and at the same time have basic awareness of the identity and culture of the Vietnamese people.

To learn more about the EQ program suitable for each child’s age, or to register for a free EQ class experience, please leave your information below! The teacher in charge of the Hooray admissions office will contact parents as soon as possible.